Google Maps launches new services

Google has added a new tool for its Maps service, allowing users to contribute and validate new map data. Users can add Google Maps currently no data or edit existing entries relating to such increases, verify or edit the newly opened upscale seafood restaurant location data and so on.

This service is currently available to the desktop version, Android or iOS Google Maps, users can add information, you can also edit the authentication information to others. Google Maps now there will be a notification that “it was suggested that the new information” Users can click on the notification to view and approve or reject the proposal. Once enough votes that the information is correct, it will be posted to the map. Google noted that this verification process only applies to Android version of Google Maps users.

Google did not give any details about the validation process, did not say whether the Google employees to manually monitor the voting process, or information required to vote ballots. Before Google Maps because of lack of human supervision, there have been users markers on the map and upload to Apple Android robot logo pee pictures.

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Google increases investment in cloud computing

It is reported that artificial intelligence has become the core of Google’s cloud computing strategy. The company claims will allow users to use their two internal artificial intelligence software: one can extract the meaning of the text content, another voice can be converted to text content. Both programs use a “machine learning”, which is a fast-growing technology that allows computers to reason based on previously analyzed data.

Google said that customers can use this program to analyze the two sets of user comments or social media content, automatically transcribed customer service phone, large-scale analysis. In addition, the program can translate text and images easy to understand, including the mark pornographic images and emotions through facial expression recognition.

Market research firm Forrester Research expects Amazon cloud computing business revenue of about $ 10.8 billion, Microsoft is about $ 10.1 billion, while Google is only $ 3.9 billion.

Faced with the dilemma behind, Google is again pushing cloud computing business development last year, the company’s capital expenditures of approximately $ 10 billion, most of which is used for building new data centers, but also hired Daniel Green is responsible for cloud computing business.

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Google APP bring you travel different scenic spots

According to foreign media reports, Google on Tuesday announced that it has launched a product called Arts & Culture (Arts and Culture) of the application (APP), the user bring Google Cardboard Virtual Reality (VR) was the first, you can visit 70 countries thousands of museums, watch museum works of art, historical documents and wonders of the world.

The APP is compatible with iOS and Android platforms, as well as a man named “Art identifier” feature, in London Duowei Ci public gallery in Sydney New South Wales Art Gallery or the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, people you can use your smartphone camera to scan artwork, APP can be identified and then gives details of art.

Google App also built a very user-friendly search function, by location, genre and even the color you want to find and browse the works, but also works enlarged to 100% view.

Users can view the works of impressionist painter Monet or 200 BC art paintings, you can stroll the streets of Roman art scene, but also to watch the ancient Greek temple of Zeus, just like back 2,500 years ago. Just like the Library of Alexandria in the late 3rd century never be war engulfed all the same, it’s just down to on your cell phone.

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Google hired vice president of Samsung VR

According to technology blog TechCrunch reported that Google is a company set up inside a strong team to develop (VR) based on virtual reality platform Daydream intelligent machines. The latest addition to the Google team is former Samsung Milk VR Business (now Samsung VR) vice president of content strategy Matt Appleton Phil (Matt Apfel).

Phil Appleton in March this year from Samsung departure, has been incurred under the Google for the company’s next generation mobile VR ecosystem Daydream create content.

Google released Daydream held in May this year, Google I / O developer conference, hopes the latest Android smartphone in the depth of integration VR function, VR experience to the general public. Daydream impact in many ways to create a joint Samsung and Oculus VR business, but Samsung has signed on as an early Daydream hardware partners. Rumors that Samsung’s latest Note intelligent machine is likely to be released next month, can be configured to support Daydream internet.

Over the past few years, Google has been trying to make VR content development tools and platforms. Google Cardboard VR is an entry-level devices, to meet the basic needs of VR, but Android “nougat” technology upgrade is likely to be able to allow users to enjoy a more pleasant experience with VR Daydream internet.

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Google can help you watch cartoons with machine learning

This is the thing to watch cartoons and machine learning how to combine? Now use the phone a lot of people read comics, but the experience is not good, the screen is too small for a total zoom to see the contents of the conversation; magnified the dialog box and can not get a glimpse of the whole picture of the screen. Is there any way it can amplify only the dialog box?

Google Play Books Books app recently to add a new feature – Zoom dialog (Bubble Zoom), which uses machine learning techniques to identify dialog box, clicking on it to enlarge it. This will not only see the dialogue, and will not miss the screen. This feature is particularly suitable for large format US Man.

Currently Play Books with zoom function is still in the preview stage, Manmi interested can try, currently supports Marvel and DC Comics author.

Technical details on Google did not mention too much, but in essence it is the identification of objects in pictures used technologies. Google also said it will make the machine learn more comic style, “The goal is to make the zoom feature is available to all comics.”

US Man is usually full color, a dialog box with significantly different backgrounds, training up the machine might be simpler. The Japanese Man is mainly black and white, little difference between dialogue and background.

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