Ten years thinking ways of Lei Jun

I think even if we do not have their own mobile Internet, mobile Internet allows us to do is a very difficult thing, so I was thinking that he must go first to look at the market in the end there is no one to make the mobile Internet. So I filled a large sack of cash to find a company who is doing the mobile Internet, said today that it is very funny, I find the first company is the 3G gateway, 3G gateway later chose IDG did not choose me.

So I went looking for the second, third, and finally found a small company in Shenzhen – making music, voted 200 million in cash, and I talk to them I was to learn, I am willing to pay 2 million of tuition, wants to engage in know who is using the mobile Internet. 10 years ago, there is no phone line? I look at the figures did well, I wonder, what people use it so hard to use the phone, so slow Internet bandwidth, the result after I finished cast to figure out.

I was also not done DD (Due Diligence, Due Diligence) directly paid 2 million yuan tuition, I want to find out what mobile interactive network. The result is what people use it? They told me a student, military, migrant workers, I say why these people use the phone line?

They said that the army not to use a computer, the military can only use a mobile phone, and some naughty students in the class was using the mobile Internet, some workers in the factory, they also use mobile phones. So I found that after administration after the mobile Internet is not the same as before the Internet, before the Internet is elite-driven, but now the mobile Internet is the so-called “three low population,” that is grassroots driven.

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Core founder has left Netease

According to reports, during the Spring Festival in 2012, almost all Chinese music app are unable to meet Ding “convenient to find the song ‘needs, so he made up his mind to be a able to meet their own needs to pursue high quality music applications.

After returning home, Ding was found to have left Netease Entertainment iQIYI serving Wang Lei, the two chat from the boardroom to the bar, ready to do a musical taste to enhance the Chinese people’s music application, Gongchoujiaocuo, Netease cloud music prototype fade.

Probably because Ding awareness and passion for music impressed music lovers Wang Lei, the remuneration has not determined when Wang Lei gave up iQIYI option, return to old club full to start this new APP. “I really liked the music, if you do the work and music are so closely related, is a particularly good thing.”

Because there have been traditional media and experience in record companies, in subsequent years, Ding Lei will own musical ideas and experience in the combination of the music in the QQ, Baidu music, shrimp, cool dog, cool my other giants lined the music industry blaze a “trail”, under the leadership of Wang Lei, Netease cloud music as a latecomer, from scratch, in early July this year, Netease cloud music users has exceeded 200 million, an increase of over 100%.

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The second half of internet business

From a broader perspective, the whole of China’s Internet is also just entered the “second half.” Prior to the development of China’s Internet, largely relying on the demographic dividend, whether it is the rapid increase in the early PC users, or the way a few years of mobile Internet users surge of development in the past we even a little rough, the high cost that does not matter, because users growing rapidly, hundreds of millions of smart phones sold each year, everyone’s business continued to rise. But now we can see, this era has passed, the sales of smart phones has not increased, the overall Internet users growth has slowed sharply. This time two paths: either to open up overseas markets, there may be more users, but internationalization is very easy to do; you either have intensive, the original customer service better, by each user create more value.

Looking back, “Internet +” to do is to all sectors of the Internet industry from upstream to downstream, not just stay at the very end to do marketing, do transactions that short, but to really be able to use the Internet, to enhance the entire IT use industry efficiency. I said “less talk about some of subversion, talk about some of the innovative” Before, I think the whole day talking about “subversion” makes no sense, “Internet +” still fundamentally rely on innovation in the service industries, relying on the Internet, relying on IT technology to enhance the experience of all aspects of all walks of life, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The party and the government stresses “new normal” almost to two years, from the end of last year to now, also repeatedly stresses “supply-side structural reforms,” ​​if you go to look behind discusses these references, you can see these not discuss the central leadership “racking our brains” and “whim”, but China’s economic development to this stage, really need to change the growth mode, extensive growth in the past that is gone forever and can no longer simply the pursuit of GDP figures, China’s economy is entering a “second half” of the state.

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Internet Online Business Products

In 2008 I came into contact with the Internet, made a call to drop out freshman English community nest, like English to overseas users with native news, music, videos, movies. 2008 was alternating era of IT and the Internet, is the webmaster of the PC era, the floor of the users, the platform less than six months to do the hundreds of thousands of core users. After the 2009 back to school to do buy the site experience, it made me a deep understanding of the business model of the Internet environment how to play.

In 2011, the product line expanded Tencent when I enter Tencent, Tencent application treasure and participate in computer housekeeper project, when I build the product and the user’s view of the world, stage methodology, as well as the Internet age pattern of competition. Later “Help Raiders game assistant” and “universal WiFi” I absorbed the product Tencent profound cultural products experienced mobile terminal, PC terminal, intelligent hardware three cycle.

2013 I first heard “BITCOIN”, after research that this thing has a huge opportunity to find a few tens of millions of people get a partner to start a business. The front of the line I did a pre-internet abroad on sale, three months on the sale of millions of dollars, the final product ZeusMiner available at the end of May, although there are some flaws, but the market is still very crazy, we do it quickly hanging class global top three. Also shows that if you create a field, flawed market is also acceptable, the early establishment of the market order during the experience user acceptance is high.

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Rational second-hand car market

Intense competition has been no shortage of topics used car O2O platform continues, corporate finance information constantly, “high price” ads are frequently refresh people’s awareness. Compared to North Used car O2O platform players to market and fierce fighting insurgents popping overbearing style, from Shanghai second-hand car trading platform “every day shoot car” has maintained a cautious savvy style. “Not-for-profit business model is bullying no matter how noisy the market, we know very well what they are doing.” Every day beat Zhang Lan, vice president of the car, said car every day shoot will stick C2B business logic, insisted on not burn and insisted on departing from the offline mode, and strictly control the rate of expansion, dealers and common bigger and stronger.

Every shot is a leading car second-hand car trading service platform, established in 2014, is an independent project by the vertical automotive information site hatch from the 51-car network in August last year became independent on-line. As a used car in the field of “dark horse”, every beat car with a C-terminal connections from individual sellers and dealers C2B model B-side to “online + offline” approach as a platform for both sides to provide free home testing, wireless auction, door transaction, transfer procedures and other one-stop second-hand car trading services.

Shot occurs every day in front of the car, the domestic second-hand car trading information platform has gone through several rounds of fierce fighting. About C2C, B2C, C2B and other modes debate “which is the used car’s electric future” there is still no conclusion, but the market has undergone a player’s mentality swing: car easy to shoot from B2B turned C2B, excellent letter from B2B steering the B2C. The bad news is also released into the atmosphere: large closed car search offline stores, the transition to the service terminal B Used car dealers; good car safely suspend used car business, shut down the line stores. Arguing it is one after another: insist on doing C2C seeds used car direct selling network and all vehicle data for the respective platforms argue, is also busy resist the rumors about the combined.

“No matter how noisy the market every day to shoot the car very clear what they are doing, what their goals are.” Zhang Lan, vice president of the car every day to beat the Beijing Morning Post reporter, said, “Although the used car market news flying, but the market is in fact more rational, not-for-profit business model is bullying. “

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Paytm has more than 1.35 billion users

Third-party payment companies Paytm Indian version is called “Alipay.” Recently, Paytm founder Vijay in an interview with reporters, said the ants after gold service shares, the number of users grew from 22 million to 135 million, plans to cover 500 million users in 2020. Meanwhile Paytm in expanding the scene, under the current payout percentage on the line has been basically flat. In the future development, although the performance has developed rapidly, but he said there are no plans for a profit. India is concerned about the market, the future will become more international.

Official data show that in early 2015, Kim served ants invested Paytm, and additional investment in September. After serving ant gold investment, accounting for 40% of shares. Currently, Paytm users increased from 20 million to 135 million before. The equivalent of every nine people in India have a Paytm users.

Ants gold dress side said that two investment not let Paytm direct leap to become India’s largest mobile payment instruments. Ants in investment gold service also provides technical, human and other aspects of support. Its disposal various departments and staff all year round and from Hangzhou near Delhi Paytm headquarters building from the transformation of the system architecture, aerial system, the ability to improve other aspects of the data to enhance the platform capabilities Paytm.

After obtaining investment ants gold dress, Paytm local team began to explore various types of people everyday life scenes, more than a year later, the line currently chug car, street cafes, tea stalls, gas stations and many other online scenes, etc. can be used Paytm payment, the goal is for no credit cards, bank accounts via smartphone crowd, go directly to electronic payment era.

Vijay expressed, “I hope there are more similar scene, to attract Indian consumers.” He also told reporters that since the beginning of this year launched the payment function under the line, the proportion of online and offline payment has been basically flat.

Vijay expressed, Paytm future development goals by 2020 will expand to 500 million users. India has already received the first award of the first payment to get a banking license. Subsequently, Paytm range of financial services will be launched on the basis of the current focus on the Indian market, the future will come out of India, made Alipay as an international service features of a payment instrument.

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“Machine Learning” has been widely used in Google

Google developed AlphaGo Go program in March this year, “man-machine wars” stole the show with “artificial intelligence milestone” Such praise comes together also questioned: artificial intelligence and machine learning, these have to Google What’s the use?

It seems that the technology giant has found the answer. Last weekend, Google developer products and developer relations for Ben Galbraith came to the ChinaJoy, he chatted with us over the past few years, Google how to use the “machine learning” make their products become more “intelligent.”

Machine learning is an important application that allows products like humans can understand the picture. For example, when you are traveling by car to the Middle East in the face of traffic signs in Arabic bewildered, but you can not translate these text input, you only need to shoot down signs, Google can automatically “read” Photo text on, you want to translate it into the language.

Another application is more everyday, when we store a lot of pictures in the phone, it will extremely difficult to find a particular photo you want one moment in time. After the accumulation of large amounts of data through machine learning, like humans, Google can understand those pictures you saved.

For example, you can look at the phone said, “I want to bring my 8-year-old son to Disneyland Photos”, after a few seconds, which is recorded under the Happy Hour will again appear on the phone screen.

Google currently owns seven Grade 1 billion users, these products all the time produce large amounts of user data. In the absence of the introduction of “machine learning” data mining is a huge and slow project, there are a lot of repetitive work.

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Google Maps allows users to edit their own data and correction

Have you encountered Destination marked wrong? Or simply did not find the location on the map looking for? In order to allow a more complete and accurate mapping service, Google recently Google Map added a new tool that will allow users to add a new location on the map or mark the location of the existing correction, it seems Google is also believe in the power of the masses great.

It is understood that, when selected existing mark the location, in addition to the existing specific address, contact details, opening hours and other information, details page now also joined the “Suggest an edit” option, which means that if the above information is present modification necessary, the user can make editing application, a bit like Wikipedia and Baidu Baike content editing. In addition, if the user does not want to find the place on the map, put a pin placed in a specific location click on “Add a missing place” to add a new location.

It should be noted that although the “Suggest an edit” and “Add a missing place” Both features are supported by the desktop version and a mobile version of Google Map, but in order to vote editorial comments on other users, you also need a mobile terminal to complete, and finally how to decide it is Google thing, I do not know Google will still be dispatched personnel to vote in accordance with fieldwork standards?

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Digital Advertising by Verizon

Telecommunications operators and Internet service providers are now trying to provide more valuable services. AT & T acquisition of satellite television company DirecTV, Comcast and NBC Universal acquired the broadcasting company. Verizon then choose to focus on mobile content and advertising.

Verizon is currently the largest US mobile operator, but the number of users and revenue growth is becoming more and more stagnant. In order to find new sources of growth, Verizon is opening up new markets, such as automotive Internet, telemedicine and streaming video.

Last year, Verizon price $ 4.4 billion acquisition of AOL. If Verizon acquisition of Yahoo, then spent on Google and Facebook to catch up on the road to reach $ 10 billion. Verizon also has its own advantages. The company mastered the user phone’s location, phone-based shopping habits, and favorite hobbies and other team information. This will help Verizon more targeted advertising. However, Verizon is still at a disadvantage.

New Street Research analyst Qiaona Sang Chaplin (Jonathan Chaplin), said: “If you believe that the acquisition will help Verizon Yahoo and Google and Facebook competition to some extent, it would be ridiculous.” Verizon and mobile operators different strengths of the market, Yahoo and AOL in the digital advertising market situation is completely the opposite. No barriers to entry in this market, severely fragmented and competitive.

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Discussion on SEO problems

Machine learning is fast becoming a more and more unavailable tool for many large companies. I believe that everyone has heard of Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms to defeat the former world chess champion, and Google search results ranking algorithm RankBrain. Machine learning has long been not mathematics researchers of the mysterious subject. There are large amounts of data in the industry, there is always a lot of technical methods to be useful.

Machine Learning also has the ability to change the traditional website promotion and SEO (search engine optimization). Late last year, my colleagues and I began an experiment, we will be a popular machine learning algorithms to predict the Google ranking of a particular page. Eventually we got a 41% positive and 41% correct correct negative data sets.

In late 2015, we began to hear more and more machine learning and its ability to handle large amounts of data. The more we work seriously, it becomes more professional, and soon it will help us to run the world.

At that time, we met the talented Brazilian data scientist Alejandro Simkievich. The most interesting thing is that he is studying in the field of search relevance and conversion rate optimization (CRO) and other issues, and is ready to participate in Kaggle competition. (Kaggle is organizing a contest for scientists and machine learning machine learning enthusiast site)

Simkievich data science and machine learning consulting company Statec’s founder, the company has many customers in the consumer goods, automotive, marketing and the Internet industry. Statec a lot of work has focused on e-commerce search engine relevance assessment on. We and his cooperation seems to be a natural combination, because we are addicted to the use of data to help people make decisions SEO.

We decided to see if I can use crawlers rank tracking tools available data links and other tools to predict the page rank. We know exactly correctly predicted the possibility is very low, but we can still get a great success in the use of machine learning.

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