International electricity business leader

Hangzhou is the Chinese e-commerce are also the international electricity business leader Ali Baba “camp.” August 3 afternoon, held in Hangzhou 2016 China (Hangzhou) International Electronic Commerce Expo press conference. Reporters learned from the meeting that this year’s Fair will be electric in October 27 to 30 held in Hangzhou, Alibaba, Amazon, Uber and other large electricity providers have coffee will come.

Current electric Fair “Share the Opportunity factoring the world” as the theme, more prominent “international” character. Through conferences and forums, exhibitions, exchange activities three blocks design, efforts to create “results show, inspire innovation, exchange of experiences, promote the application of” public service e-commerce platform, and “internationalization, specialization, brand, market-oriented, popular “high-level event, laying the Hangzhou international Electronic Commerce as” the spirit of Highland Heights and industry “status to make efforts.

It is understood that 2016 China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo will be based on the essence of the previous two lessons, focusing on “Internet + circulation” of the whole industry chain of global electricity supplier ecosystem, boost cross-border development of electronic business and e-commerce into the rural areas, communities, build electric business personnel training and service docking platform to study new trends, new mining and exploration highlights the new model, construct “public business” unbounded platform to showcase the “highly innovative” bright future.

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Monitor patients’ information at home

There are so one in New Hampshire, Dartmouth – Hitchcock Medical Center, some of their patients at home, stepped on the bathroom scales, Microsoft’s computer will immediately know the value on the weight. Moreover, Microsoft can get additional information about the hospital patients at home: the blood pressure and the patient’s emotional state, which is Microsoft’s computer through the analysis of nurse and patient telephone conversation, and drawn from the analysis.

Microsoft, through artificial intelligence (AI) software to analyze more patient information: weight, blood pressure, emotional state, in the hope of identifying a signal of physical illness, early warning doctors and patients that may arise.

This medical centers both in advance of the drill picture of the future of medical care, but also a little preview of Microsoft’s business in the future.

Dartmouth – Hitchcock Medical Center are using the Microsoft Azure cloud newly added set of “cognitive” AI service. Microsoft said rental machine learning technology will unlock new profit margins, while allowing businesses to their customers’ data and AI technology together, and it was only large companies have technological advantages.

Herain Oberoi, Microsoft director of product management, said: “Customers will turn to cloud services from a typical blend of machine learning and AI capabilities of the new cloud services.”

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Unfair competition between qihoo and sougou

Enter Sogou search “360 saving King” keyword and download the results of the software is downloaded Sogou assistant. Qihoo viewed this setting unfair competition, Sogou company sued the Haidian court, claims 10 million yuan. Yesterday, the court accepted the case.

Qihoo alleged that the same or similar services to the company and search dogs provided there is a direct competitive relationship. Recently they found that when a user enters Sogou search “360 saving the king” and other keyword search, the search results appear automatically the first “360 saving the king official Android version of” promotion link, but when the user clicks the download option not only can not download “360 saving the king”, but downloaded Sogou assistant.

Qihoo Company believes that behavior is in essence Sogou ride 360 ​​ride, deceive mislead the user, so that the original wish to download and install 360 users, and ultimately incorrect installation Sogou assistant. Unfair competition Sogou not only a significant reduction in the plaintiff’s trading opportunities, to the plaintiff caused huge economic losses, while search dogs to take a substantial illegal increase in installed capacity of its Sogou assistant software for their own raking competitive advantages and benefits . Therefore, the requirements of the company Qihoo search dogs immediately stop acts of unfair competition, and a public apology in the media, eliminating the effects of addition, compensation for loss of 10 million yuan.

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The second-quarter net profit of Sougou

Sogou recently announced its fiscal year ended 2016 second-quarter earnings of 30 June. According to earnings data, Sogou second-quarter revenue of 1.15 billion yuan, an increase of 27%; non-US GAAP net profit of 220 million yuan next person, an increase of 30%.

Reported Sogou second-quarter mobile search traffic grew nearly 80 percent; mobile searches on the overall search revenue contribution rose from 24% last year to nearly 50%.

Meanwhile, Sogou search engine Bing and Microsoft entered into a collaboration in English, academic search, Sogou integrated Bing search results pages of information and high-quality English academic information. Since the launch two months, in English and academic search volume growth of 60%.

In addition, research and development in the field of artificial intelligence search dogs have been expanded, and a breakthrough in speech recognition and other fields. Sogou side said, Sogou input method speech recognition accuracy rate of more than 97%, the input frequency to reach 140 million times a day, representing an increase of 55%.

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Times of Personalized News Feed

Internet information age has brought us great convenience to read, whether PC or mobile terminal end, a variety of information at your fingertips, the user’s way of reading has also been an unprecedented liberation of vast amounts of information presented in a fragmented manner at different levels front of the user, whether it is also the operator or user, looks are everything should be powerful and to the satisfaction of all. But the good, along with the mass of information is from the “Information stuffing” created by the large number of “difficult to select syndrome.”

More choice does not mean more freedom of information is complex disorder leads to increased satisfaction and reduce the cost of time, and the secret of happiness lies in fast access to value-based personalized information! At the same time, also select difficulty fragmentation means that the user valuable time and even squeeze being forcibly deprived of such acts in the “customer pain points” oriented today is a perverse. Although including headlines today, a bit of information, including daily newsletter and other similar products in the industry have done some level of personalized subscription, but it is clear that a large number of inaccurate, no segmentation of the overload of information that people will still flood eyes flooded, the user does not read information and recommended reading difficult, and ultimately the formation of a community information reading “Matthew.”

Although this phenomenon has been valued by major mobile reading platform, but before too pursuit of customer residence time caused a certain degree of “Sources out of control”, making it impossible to ease this conflict in a short time.

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Google X Lab also feel a crisis of survival

According to the Washington Post reported that you probably never heard of Aspen Troy Taylor (Astro Teller) the person’s name, but you certainly have heard of his work place. There simply referred to as X (previously called Google X), responsible for developing many of the world’s most ambitious research projects, such as networking balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles delivered, Google glasses and driverless cars. The 46-year-old Taylor is responsible for managing Google’s parent Alphabet moonshot (crazy and unlikely to achieve the project) laboratory, he hopes to pull more than a little curtain of this lab, let us know more about it.

In the recent blog post, Taylor outlines some principles of X pursued, they help to keep X on the orbit. What Taylor’s bottom line? He believes that innovation is like a machine, commissioning and ongoing maintenance needs, there must be agreement and specific cultural press ahead. But do not be silly. Although Taylor Post billed as “how to guide innovation”, but its central meaning is all rhetoric in defending the right to life of the organization.

This may surprise you, Alphabet “pie in the sky” like R & D lab looks like a crown jewel of the company, which is why there exists a sense of crisis? To understand the real threat facing X, we first need to talk about, it is a very uncomfortable feeling inherent tension running one of the world’s biggest technology companies Innovation Center generated in the process. In short, Alphabet is experiencing two competing modes: one is to ensure that investors are happy to provide reliable returns have neither overruns performance; the second is to find or make Alphabet Google continue to maintain a distinctive new opportunities, and to ensure that it will be able to generate more returns.

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Google Store is not safe

Android platform accounted for most of the current global market share of the market, while also increasing security systems allow users to Andrews worried. Recently Google application store there are 155 applications infection Trojans, Trojan causes 2.8 million users worldwide are affected.

Users infected with the Trojan, the information and detailed parameters Trojans will identify the device. The operating system then the phone notification bar displays various ads that most malicious suspect. Mobile security agencies said they had to report to the emergence of Trojans Google, but now Google has not completely remove all infringing software and infected software, which means that the current user is still possible to download infected with Trojan software.

The name of the horse is Android.Spy.305, in April this year has security personnel discovered. Security was found Google app store has fewer than a hundred APP infection, downloads over 3 million times, infected users reached 2.8 million. Fortunately, so far this Trojan only provide malicious ads to users, and not to steal sensitive data from the user device.

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Google UAV Project Wing is currently being tested

According to foreign media reports, has been operating for many years a secret Google X department’s Project Wing UAV Express project has been approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (Federal AviationAdministration), the project will be one of six pilot sites expand UAV found.

It is reported that Project Wing UAV developed product is still in the early testing stages. In June this year, FAA has just introduced the latest provisions on UAVs in the provisions of the weight, use, flight altitude, speed and flight range of other indicators of UAV products are given strict rules.

For example, FAA provides that the 55 lbs (approximately 25 kg) or less during the day or UAV can not be civil twilight (dawn local time, 30 minutes before the start to the end before twilight 30 minutes) during the flight, unless the appropriate anti-collision lighting device. The rules also say that any manipulation of UAVs must hold the remote pilots flying certificate or documents with a rating of UAS, UAV control personnel may also be carried out under the direct supervision of a certified person operating.

In fact, under current FAA regulations, companies almost impossible to use unmanned aircraft delivery, because FAA regulations UAVs must fly within sight distance of the driver or operator. So including Google (microblogging) and Amazon, these companies are developing long distances full automatic flight and safe landing of UAV technology in densely populated areas.

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What attracts Lei Jun’s investment?

On the eve of 618 days cat Carnival, Royal Square mud and as usual will be in business for active staff background settings. For example, the sales target set activity name, activity preheat start time, the starting time of the outbreak of the activities; if so, it will fill part of the forecast sales data store operations estimated to be able to get the sales forecast Comparative sales forecast sales were estimated. Of course, the Royal Square mud also on the number of visitors, plus the number of purchased items, plus shopping, favorites, favorites number of people were constantly monitoring, observation and analysis.

Royal Square mud is a big promotion in the first 66 days after the beginning of the warm-up, the data observed, it is not very satisfactory in the number of purchase items, collections, and the number of visitors, the predicted completion rate is also low. In order to increase the number of visitors, the Royal Square mud to increase the income paid to promote, facilitate their competition increased traffic; while business consultant based combat large-screen activity thematic operational feedback data to adjust the action, add a promotional activity that is, before 1000 single Free . The effect is obvious. In the warm-up two days, the Royal Square mud flow came in the first two sectors.

In addition, the staff of the business traffic source analysis, found that the Royal Square mud, at present, 90% of the total wireless traffic flow even more, the traffic flow mainly from the venue, search traffic, drilling show traffic, train traffic and the like. Depending on traffic sources, Royal Square mud flew into the shop customers are divided into two categories: one is the main shopping, one to buy based. When the customer classification, Royal Square mud flow to the germination of the idea of ​​splitting fine again.

After these fine-grained traffic study, we found that the Royal Square mud again, during the warm-up activity, flat sales decline was particularly pronounced. Based on this, they made a new attempt – wireless thematic pages. By doing wireless thematic pages, Royal Square mud home page click conversion rate increase 6.14 percent, jump loss rate has dropped 6.14% Home Boot turnover and replied payment conversion rates also have relatively large increase, optimized several rounds, and in the active warm-up period to achieve flat marketing activities and increased double up.

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5 keywords in brand marketing

This year new food brands like volcanic eruptions emerged, many people worry that the brand will disperse more market share, but in fact 80% of the share will be 20% of the top brands, there is more behind the brand long tail, so we have to do one thing to do first, the leading brand in the market share of the brand.

We propose a concept, to continue to occupy a dominant position in a top brand. Nobody knows the world’s second highest peak, only the first was only remember that this is a foundation of our Internet era brand logic. Because the brand is a category be remembered, it must taste like, Zhou black duck is because we think duck neck will think of it, so in two years time inside the West master brand to do the above two things, the first thing West is to let young master equal Hamburger. The second thing is to make equal Hamburger West Master.

About category, why do we need to do Hamburger? We think Western standardization easier than Chinese food, Western food so can do more, in fact, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a snack rather than Western, Western is the real French food, Italian food, but this category steak inside a global brand No.

So why have a snack vitality? The first point is because it is easy to copy, can earlier enter standardize this area, there is the same as the industrial output capability. The second point is that it is simple enough, low cost education market. Hamburger example, I believe that the whole Chinese people do not know what it is Hamburger. We just need to do a brand level, and then to collect the market enough.

If you can not do first, how people remember it? Like Mount Fuji, its elevation is low, but it can be remembered, because it is snow-capped volcano, special enough. So the trend of the times in which the Internet, do the first category either do or do unique. But you must ensure that this industry, your category is competitive.

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