Lady Dior Small bag limit edition for Valentine’s day

Lady Dior handbag to building a sense of lines, letters metal strap and rattan Plaid pattern, so many women attracted to whom, and to become a classic Dior. Mr. Dior used in the brand’s first couture show in a Napoleon III style armchairs entertain guests, and the chair of this rule and rich sense of geometric rattan Plaid has become the most iconic Dior pattern, and become a source of inspiration for Lady Dior bag.

Lady Dior handbag was born in 1995, because by Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana, Princess of Wales) and the favorite was “Lady Di” nickname. After each season, there will be the new Lady Dior handbag Release: leather or classic or elegant, color, or calm or jumping clear. Starting in 2008, Marion Cotillard (Marion Cotillard) became the ambassador of this bag and muse. Since 2011, also held Dior “Lady Dior’s I have seen” art exhibition, this bag has inspired many artists of inspiration.

In two thousand and seventeen Dior show floor early spring series, Lady Dior Small handbags debut. She inherited the family’s classic Lady Dior line, iconic vine pattern Plaid and “D-I-O-R” metal strap letter shape. The more compact size, modern handles and freedom of choice of accessories make this lucky bag shape softer, Dior become another masterpiece.

The new Lady Dior Small handbag China Limited Tanabata paragraph shape is more avant-garde casual, perfect fit two thousand and seventeen spring series design. She also has an elegant and modern London, Paris, and pioneered the shoulder strap is designed to freely mix lucky ornaments. These ornaments are devout Mr. Dior has been lucky pattern: for example bees, rose, lily of the valley, Dior’s first letter, and so on. Each represents a unique ornaments have Lady Dior Small handbag women’s unique personality.

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