Convenient access to pastoral areas

In recent years, with the popularity of the other Tibetan economic development and information technology, the Internet, e-commerce market has expanded rapidly. Convergence of the Internet and remote areas, to broaden the characteristics of animal products out of the region, industrial products to the countryside distribution network, reducing the farmers and herdsmen industrial procurement costs and improve the efficiency of farm products sales, expanding farming District masses entrepreneurship, opportunities for innovation.

Despite the current level of the level of information to give Tibet a greater degree of improvement, but the majority of agricultural and pastoral areas of application of e-commerce network transactions is still low, the application of electronic business platform open shop sales capacity characteristics of animal products, it is lower than the national average and even in rural areas, the region’s electricity supplier business there is still much room for development.

Electricity suppliers to make up for the shortcomings of traditional distribution channels. E-commerce not only reduces the intermediate links in circulation, reduce distribution costs and improve profit margins of farmers and herdsmen, but also greatly reduce the information asymmetry between producers and consumers, so that farmers and herdsmen can keep abreast of consumer changes in demand, to grasp the situation, the country will sell farm products to achieve income.

Electricity providers to expand agricultural and pastoral areas of entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Development of e-commerce to make the overall level of economic and pastoral areas has been significantly improved, attracting more and more students, farmers and migrant workers return home entrepreneurs to open shop. Some even had to stay at home because of the physically challenged and youth and women’s agricultural and pastoral areas, the elderly are also added to the tide of rural entrepreneurship to.

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