Louis Vuitton City Steamer for Special Women

First in 1901, City Steamer bag, originally designed for the transatlantic passenger travel bag design, and soft texture and anti-theft lock function to its distinguished owners provide close protection. Steamer through a hundred years long time came in 2016, transformed into a new urban chic and elegant handbag City Steamer.

City Steamer a launch by the brightest goddess of love. When Gong Li attended the Cannes Film Festival, it will carry the colors of a mosaic City Steamer bag. Mix and match a white shirt with the color straight jeans or wide leg pants, wild and modern!

Great trip to the island, could not prepare a Mimi dress it? Look at the big cousin Liu Wen this a charming holiday Look. Dress low-cut summer hot fashion circles, the casual shirt tied around his waist, plus a City Steamer bag, and really let you pull up where they go!

City Steamer has a variety of models, materials and colors, making it the modern women’s elegant independent single product, a perfect match from day to night dress for many occasions. City Steamer mini handbag packet sway fashion circles just red. Padlock engraved with patterns to make “small body” is also highly functional, really worthy beauty + Utilities to play!

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