Have you collected these four bags in different colours?

Summer fashion girls not only clothes to wear Mei Mei, the bag should take too suave. Popular summer bag color is fresh and bright style, the four colors of the bag, you collect it?

White bags ultimate refreshing, can be used with almost any color clothes. Get the same cool and trendy mobile in your hand like a little ice. But the bag easy to dirty white, with jeans or dark clothes when you want to be careful not to rub the laundry bag leaving the white color.

Red bag is absolutely compelling highlight of the street, but in clothes with high demand, with black and white gray line is the safest way, it can be bold enough and hit the color printing. But try to avoid the green, because it is easy to wear well tacky, can also choose to print in red clothes and bags echoes.

Yellow bag is simply born for the summer, super eye-catching colors, but with difficulty coefficient is the highest. Recommended with simple style color uniform clothing, pure black is good, look very stylish, with a pure white dress will look very elegant and refined.

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