Duty free shops in Korea intends to limit the purchase of cosmetics and bags

Because Chinese tourists, Korea duty-free in June of this year, sales doubled year on year. However, duty-free shops are earned when pours, the Korea Customs Service and distribution industry has said that South Korea duty-free shops may be implemented during the year of purchase. The news that South Korea’s duty-free operators greatly worried, they fear the restriction order after the promulgation really strong purchasing power of Chinese tourists would have turned away.

The reason for the introduction of duty-free purchase of the policy, the Korean Customs Service official explained that the policy is to prevent the illegal circulation of duty-free goods in Korea as well as a lot of panic buying caused by other consumers can not buy products such behavior. Thus, the authorities decided to put more restriction policy, duty-free market norms.

Restriction policy upcoming news has caused concern in the industry in Korea duty-free shops, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean duty-free industry believes that the illicit circulation of duty-free and so is not very serious, but the purchase of policy implementation may result in duty-free shops sales plummeted, especially consumer enthusiasm Chinese tourists will be hit.

According to the Korea National Tourism Knowledge Information System Message foreigner scale immigration in July amounted to approximately 155.44 million, compared with a year more than doubled. Among them, China number more than 75.85 million, surged 140.7%, 48.8% of the total foreign population.

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