Do you have these different 7 colours bags?

Every woman thinking one thing every day: “I was not the renewal package!” Package, from the very beginning to be used to load something completely hands free now become the hottest fashion circles popular single product. No woman is not love package, but how to choose a bag Heart is confusing?

Nice bag too much, and your financial ability does not allow or does not exist all the time people buy the package. So, how to choose your favorite bag it! Bloggers tell you, bags appearance determines whether your bag can bring sufficient degree of concern for you. The following seven types of color in the bag so you have a timeless fashion.

Red in the first place, too forceful style and sexy style for the girls. Loyalty and enthusiasm on behalf of Hong willing. Let your bag at first glance to be found in the crowd, with dark lines match up perfect, with the same basic color is also very chic. Each will have a fashion icon color bag.

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