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Say fashion circles for so many years has been a popular style, and that is none other than the non-retro. In addition to the T stage it has been used numerous times classic retro elements. We took in the film and television works and it girl in the street with, we could see a lot more of the Daily retro wear.

Believe that this girl has a lot of small literary feelings, of course, is no exception Sister M, like adding some retro elements in their collocation. In fact, M sister feel, with retro style in the city are now pursuing natural and comfortable feel, not deliberately systemic vintage dress, sometimes even just a retro bag, we will be able to dress in a simple and fresh adding a hint of retro flavor.

Today to Amway a water M sister own heart for a long time the British independent designer Beara Beara. Jake is an independent designer brand founded in London, to create authentic British style hand bag. Whether craftsmanship or bring retro British style dramas, have attracted a lot of people. And prices are thousand dollars.

Of course, Beara Beara packages for some consumers who do not use “to describe cheap,” but compared to many other big names who had a bag is indeed a veritable “high cost.” If you want to be around 100 pounds for a stylish and durable + + + + Utilities, but when highlighting the unique taste + package, Beara Beara should be the best choice. Their founder, in an interview on JakeBullough said: “Each of our package is unique, bags texture and stunning design of the market, but also to pursue a unique style consumers can buy at reasonable and affordable prices bag. “

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