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Great power power-date airport PW, fresh and stylish. Neat ponytail plus white fringed sweater large due to the bag so that ordinary embellishment is no longer ordinary. Bag is the star out to the streets with a weapon, and Yang Mi absolutely love for Chanel, street shooting in small series can not remember how many times were Yang Mi + combination Chanel wash his eyes.

Yang Mi the latest shot in the street, wearing a fringed jacket denim shirt holding a child Gag latest Chanel bag, casual wear clothing with fashionable taste. Xiao Bian many friends around fashion circles have said before, just to be on the street shooting, PW convinced Sonja! why? She has Yan had another body clothing items, frequently appeared abroad also show that does not lose crooked nuts fashion bloggers.

This diagram Sonja a small dress with embroidered jacket and bag GUCCI embroidery paragraph Bacchus plus metallic flat sandals, clothing items with lightning speed soar. Ni Ni Yan temperament belongs to the goddess that hanging, photo fried chicken was the United States, sometimes fresh and sometimes elegant, each picture unique was not a little bit tacky.

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