Lady Dior Small bag limit edition for Valentine’s day

Lady Dior handbag to building a sense of lines, letters metal strap and rattan Plaid pattern, so many women attracted to whom, and to become a classic Dior. Mr. Dior used in the brand’s first couture show in a Napoleon III style armchairs entertain guests, and the chair of this rule and rich sense of geometric rattan Plaid has become the most iconic Dior pattern, and become a source of inspiration for Lady Dior bag.

Lady Dior handbag was born in 1995, because by Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana, Princess of Wales) and the favorite was “Lady Di” nickname. After each season, there will be the new Lady Dior handbag Release: leather or classic or elegant, color, or calm or jumping clear. Starting in 2008, Marion Cotillard (Marion Cotillard) became the ambassador of this bag and muse. Since 2011, also held Dior “Lady Dior’s I have seen” art exhibition, this bag has inspired many artists of inspiration.

In two thousand and seventeen Dior show floor early spring series, Lady Dior Small handbags debut. She inherited the family’s classic Lady Dior line, iconic vine pattern Plaid and “D-I-O-R” metal strap letter shape. The more compact size, modern handles and freedom of choice of accessories make this lucky bag shape softer, Dior become another masterpiece.

The new Lady Dior Small handbag China Limited Tanabata paragraph shape is more avant-garde casual, perfect fit two thousand and seventeen spring series design. She also has an elegant and modern London, Paris, and pioneered the shoulder strap is designed to freely mix lucky ornaments. These ornaments are devout Mr. Dior has been lucky pattern: for example bees, rose, lily of the valley, Dior’s first letter, and so on. Each represents a unique ornaments have Lady Dior Small handbag women’s unique personality.

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Louis Vuitton City Steamer for Special Women

First in 1901, City Steamer bag, originally designed for the transatlantic passenger travel bag design, and soft texture and anti-theft lock function to its distinguished owners provide close protection. Steamer through a hundred years long time came in 2016, transformed into a new urban chic and elegant handbag City Steamer.

City Steamer a launch by the brightest goddess of love. When Gong Li attended the Cannes Film Festival, it will carry the colors of a mosaic City Steamer bag. Mix and match a white shirt with the color straight jeans or wide leg pants, wild and modern!

Great trip to the island, could not prepare a Mimi dress it? Look at the big cousin Liu Wen this a charming holiday Look. Dress low-cut summer hot fashion circles, the casual shirt tied around his waist, plus a City Steamer bag, and really let you pull up where they go!

City Steamer has a variety of models, materials and colors, making it the modern women’s elegant independent single product, a perfect match from day to night dress for many occasions. City Steamer mini handbag packet sway fashion circles just red. Padlock engraved with patterns to make “small body” is also highly functional, really worthy beauty + Utilities to play!

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Have you collected these four bags in different colours?

Summer fashion girls not only clothes to wear Mei Mei, the bag should take too suave. Popular summer bag color is fresh and bright style, the four colors of the bag, you collect it?

White bags ultimate refreshing, can be used with almost any color clothes. Get the same cool and trendy mobile in your hand like a little ice. But the bag easy to dirty white, with jeans or dark clothes when you want to be careful not to rub the laundry bag leaving the white color.

Red bag is absolutely compelling highlight of the street, but in clothes with high demand, with black and white gray line is the safest way, it can be bold enough and hit the color printing. But try to avoid the green, because it is easy to wear well tacky, can also choose to print in red clothes and bags echoes.

Yellow bag is simply born for the summer, super eye-catching colors, but with difficulty coefficient is the highest. Recommended with simple style color uniform clothing, pure black is good, look very stylish, with a pure white dress will look very elegant and refined.

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Duty free shops in Korea intends to limit the purchase of cosmetics and bags

Because Chinese tourists, Korea duty-free in June of this year, sales doubled year on year. However, duty-free shops are earned when pours, the Korea Customs Service and distribution industry has said that South Korea duty-free shops may be implemented during the year of purchase. The news that South Korea’s duty-free operators greatly worried, they fear the restriction order after the promulgation really strong purchasing power of Chinese tourists would have turned away.

The reason for the introduction of duty-free purchase of the policy, the Korean Customs Service official explained that the policy is to prevent the illegal circulation of duty-free goods in Korea as well as a lot of panic buying caused by other consumers can not buy products such behavior. Thus, the authorities decided to put more restriction policy, duty-free market norms.

Restriction policy upcoming news has caused concern in the industry in Korea duty-free shops, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean duty-free industry believes that the illicit circulation of duty-free and so is not very serious, but the purchase of policy implementation may result in duty-free shops sales plummeted, especially consumer enthusiasm Chinese tourists will be hit.

According to the Korea National Tourism Knowledge Information System Message foreigner scale immigration in July amounted to approximately 155.44 million, compared with a year more than doubled. Among them, China number more than 75.85 million, surged 140.7%, 48.8% of the total foreign population.

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Do you have these different 7 colours bags?

Every woman thinking one thing every day: “I was not the renewal package!” Package, from the very beginning to be used to load something completely hands free now become the hottest fashion circles popular single product. No woman is not love package, but how to choose a bag Heart is confusing?

Nice bag too much, and your financial ability does not allow or does not exist all the time people buy the package. So, how to choose your favorite bag it! Bloggers tell you, bags appearance determines whether your bag can bring sufficient degree of concern for you. The following seven types of color in the bag so you have a timeless fashion.

Red in the first place, too forceful style and sexy style for the girls. Loyalty and enthusiasm on behalf of Hong willing. Let your bag at first glance to be found in the crowd, with dark lines match up perfect, with the same basic color is also very chic. Each will have a fashion icon color bag.

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Brand bags to improve your image

Say fashion circles for so many years has been a popular style, and that is none other than the non-retro. In addition to the T stage it has been used numerous times classic retro elements. We took in the film and television works and it girl in the street with, we could see a lot more of the Daily retro wear.

Believe that this girl has a lot of small literary feelings, of course, is no exception Sister M, like adding some retro elements in their collocation. In fact, M sister feel, with retro style in the city are now pursuing natural and comfortable feel, not deliberately systemic vintage dress, sometimes even just a retro bag, we will be able to dress in a simple and fresh adding a hint of retro flavor.

Today to Amway a water M sister own heart for a long time the British independent designer Beara Beara. Jake is an independent designer brand founded in London, to create authentic British style hand bag. Whether craftsmanship or bring retro British style dramas, have attracted a lot of people. And prices are thousand dollars.

Of course, Beara Beara packages for some consumers who do not use “to describe cheap,” but compared to many other big names who had a bag is indeed a veritable “high cost.” If you want to be around 100 pounds for a stylish and durable + + + + Utilities, but when highlighting the unique taste + package, Beara Beara should be the best choice. Their founder, in an interview on JakeBullough said: “Each of our package is unique, bags texture and stunning design of the market, but also to pursue a unique style consumers can buy at reasonable and affordable prices bag. “

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Your dating needs some special styles bags

Valentine’s Day coming soon, your date Look from now on preparations to get going, so sweet holiday, choose a exotic and elegant style full bag can be a lot of extra points for you!

Valentine’s Day coming soon, your date Look up preparations from now on it! The match, Baoshen skirt dress, and then Lady style or a small package, with the tenderness of a color absolutely fascinated. If you want some special grace, it needs the next point effort.

So sweet holiday, choose a style full of exotic and elegant bag for you can be a lot of extra points, as the election Which is it, we should ask who it popular small artistes! Look back artistes are so High, in fact, this is the “Elegant Lady” spokesperson Dior (Dior) home of Lady Dior, it is Diana package! And this is for our Valentines Day launch of the limited funds Tanabata Chinese Valentine’s Day back up is not a particularly exotic?

Dior (Dior) of Lady bags are all hand-tailored, the details are absolutely exquisite. Now we come to feel the Lady Dior whole production process, from the bag Italy Dior (Dior) leather studio craftsmen carved from the inside out under exudes refined atmosphere.

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Wear hair ball bag to match clothes

With wool CHARM style bag influx of people from various quarters have been sought after, different fur ball pendant can mix and match a variety of bags, whether it is large or small section models, by matching only makes you whole increase highlights modeling, but also great range of fashion up to the people is so worn out.

Slim tops and skirts irregular wear clothing with elegant style, black clutch is exudes a simple retro atmosphere, light-colored hair ball embellishment to the overall look is more refined. Motorcycle jacket and shorts with straps gray T-shirt, showing both retro and modern styling, black messenger bag coordinated clothing colors cute and playful hair ball decoration.

Black and white patterned shirt with color hair CHARM want to echo, simple two-color chain bag with highlights feminine, hair ball bag with a combination of both casual and tasteful. dragoo hairball with interesting design element, white clutch with a similar material, both retro and added some witty sense, the small details with arbitrary interpretation of beauty.

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Buy suitable bag to fit your style

Great power power-date airport PW, fresh and stylish. Neat ponytail plus white fringed sweater large due to the bag so that ordinary embellishment is no longer ordinary. Bag is the star out to the streets with a weapon, and Yang Mi absolutely love for Chanel, street shooting in small series can not remember how many times were Yang Mi + combination Chanel wash his eyes.

Yang Mi the latest shot in the street, wearing a fringed jacket denim shirt holding a child Gag latest Chanel bag, casual wear clothing with fashionable taste. Xiao Bian many friends around fashion circles have said before, just to be on the street shooting, PW convinced Sonja! why? She has Yan had another body clothing items, frequently appeared abroad also show that does not lose crooked nuts fashion bloggers.

This diagram Sonja a small dress with embroidered jacket and bag GUCCI embroidery paragraph Bacchus plus metallic flat sandals, clothing items with lightning speed soar. Ni Ni Yan temperament belongs to the goddess that hanging, photo fried chicken was the United States, sometimes fresh and sometimes elegant, each picture unique was not a little bit tacky.

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Convenient access to pastoral areas

In recent years, with the popularity of the other Tibetan economic development and information technology, the Internet, e-commerce market has expanded rapidly. Convergence of the Internet and remote areas, to broaden the characteristics of animal products out of the region, industrial products to the countryside distribution network, reducing the farmers and herdsmen industrial procurement costs and improve the efficiency of farm products sales, expanding farming District masses entrepreneurship, opportunities for innovation.

Despite the current level of the level of information to give Tibet a greater degree of improvement, but the majority of agricultural and pastoral areas of application of e-commerce network transactions is still low, the application of electronic business platform open shop sales capacity characteristics of animal products, it is lower than the national average and even in rural areas, the region’s electricity supplier business there is still much room for development.

Electricity suppliers to make up for the shortcomings of traditional distribution channels. E-commerce not only reduces the intermediate links in circulation, reduce distribution costs and improve profit margins of farmers and herdsmen, but also greatly reduce the information asymmetry between producers and consumers, so that farmers and herdsmen can keep abreast of consumer changes in demand, to grasp the situation, the country will sell farm products to achieve income.

Electricity providers to expand agricultural and pastoral areas of entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Development of e-commerce to make the overall level of economic and pastoral areas has been significantly improved, attracting more and more students, farmers and migrant workers return home entrepreneurs to open shop. Some even had to stay at home because of the physically challenged and youth and women’s agricultural and pastoral areas, the elderly are also added to the tide of rural entrepreneurship to.

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